The School

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Liberty Collegiate Academy is to prepare all students in grades 5-12 to enter, succeed in and graduate from the college of their choice. The vision of Liberty Collegiate Academy is to develop successful college graduates and engaged citizens who will serve as the next generation of leaders in our country. Liberty Collegiate ensures students are on a path to college starting in fifth grade. We believe all children, regardless of race, background or socioeconomic status, can achieve at high levels. Through a structured, disciplined and academically rigorous environment, our students will be prepared to live a life of scholarship, independence and honor. By exposing students to life’s opportunities, urgently pursuing rigorous academic goals and laying the foundations for strong, ethical character, our students will be prepared to succeed in college and beyond.

What We Believe

The philosophy and educational program at Liberty Collegiate are founded on three core values:

1. All students have the ability to achieve academic success.

Core to our mission, we hold the unequivocal belief that all children, regardless of race, socioeconomic status or incoming academic placement can achieve at high levels when provided with the appropriate structures and supports. It is the fundamental right of all children in this country to receive a high-quality, free, public education.

2. Quality teachers, with a focus on data and reflection, drive exceptional results.

We must invest in exceptional teachers to achieve exceptional results. Though our mission, curriculum and school culture are the foundation from which our students will excel, we must recruit, support and retain the nation’s highest quality teachers. We firmly believe that this investment is critical to the success of our students.

3. A culture of respect and discipline is core to student success.

A highly disciplined school environment allows students to learn and teachers to teach. It is our responsibility to implement a culture of discipline, respect and hard work every minute of every day. School staff explicitly teach values like respect, integrity and hard work. Through clear rules and constant positive reinforcement, all Liberty Collegiate students learn to take responsibility for themselves, their school and their community.


1. Focus on College
We believe that college preparation starts immediately upon enrollment. Every student at Liberty Collegiate understands that their hard work and dedication will prepare them to attend, succeed in and graduate from the college of their choice. College is infused in every facet of the school: from homerooms named after staff alma maters to frequent college visits, all students at Liberty Collegiate understand that their destination is college.

2. Intense Focus on Literacy and Math
Studies show that success in literacy and math in middle school are the strongest predictors of success in High School and College. Liberty Collegiate students spend more than 100 minutes in Math and nearly 250 minutes in literacy – EVERY DAY!

3. Individualized Support
The academic expectations are rigorous at Liberty Collegiate. Many students enter performing significantly behind grade level, and even those students who start on grade level are likely to struggle somewhere along their path to college. Liberty Collegiate provides small group and/or individual tutoring for students based on their needs. Much of this tutoring time is built into the academic school day during a 45 minute FOCUS block at the end of the school day.

4. Strong Community
School community is a critical component of a strong culture of student success. Students forge strong bonds with advisories that meet daily and learn to celebrate and rely on their community for support. Through advisory, students learn the school’s core values of Respect, Integrity, Grit, Optimism, and Risk (RIGOR). Periodic Community Meetings are a chance for students to celebrate academic success, send “shout-outs” to teammates who have helped them and build school culture.

5. High Behavioral Expectations
We firmly believe that learning cannot occur in chaos. All students at Liberty Collegiate Academy are held to high behavioral expectations. A detailed Code of Conduct, with a merit and demerit system, is adhered to in all classrooms. The highest performing schools in the country continue to prove that students learn best in a structured and consistent environment. We also believe good behavior should be explicitly taught and rewarded and staff go out of the way to “catch” students who exhibit positive and scholarly behavior.

6. Frequent Parent Communication
At Liberty Collegiate, we believe parents are critical partners in their student’s education. Parents/guardians receive weekly progress reports detailing student behavior and academics. Student advisors contact families, at minimum, once every two weeks to discuss how their students are progressing. Additionally, it is our policy to respond to all non-emergency phone calls and emails within 48 hours of receipt.

7. Longer School Day, Longer School Year
With so much to accomplish in order to prepare students for college, we believe students need more time engaged in learning. Students attend school Monday – Thursday from 7:50 – 4:30. On Fridays, students have an early release while teachers engage in Professional Development. Additionally, students have 182 days of school each calendar year. With the extended school day and school year, Liberty Collegiate Scholars earn an additional 30 days of instruction each year.

8. Seamless Transition from Middle School to High School
Fifth grade students will transition from a college-preparatory middle school directly into a rigorous high school campus. This continuity of support, paired with small overall class sizes, ensure that students are supported and challenged all the way to college.